Slipway reinforcement, Toms Boatyard
Completed slipway reinforcement, Toms Yard
Excavation work, Toms Boatyard
Excavation work for new shed, Toms Boatyard
Piled foundation, Toms Boatyard
Reinforced trench for shed construction

Toms Boatyard

We were appointed by C Toms & Son to reinforce their slipway and undertake the required groundworks for a large extension to their main building shed at their boatyard in Polruan, Cornwall.

This project involved working closely with the client, structural engineer, architect and other appointed contractors.

Another key factor in this contract was that the works had to take place alongside the company’s day to day business activities on a tight site.

Stage One

The initial stage of the project involved the setting out for the shed extension and groundworks for the initial piling for the shed uprights.

Stage Two

Stage Two covered the reinforcement of the boatyard’s slipway. This was a time constrained project due to the tidal restrictions and the fact that there were only very limited periods when the slipway was empty of boats.

We excavated and reinforced the entire length of the slipway and then installed a 3rd rail so C Toms & Son could upgrade their slipway cradles and hauling capabilities.

Stage Three

We returned to site again the following summer to complete the groundworks for the shed extension.

This included installing services and a new slab where a section of the old shed was knocked down. We also worked with the piling contractor and steel frame fabricators to ensure the groundworks were completed in the necessary order and the extension worked successfully alongside the existing building's framework.


"We didn’t make things easy for Celtic. Our yard is not easily accessible which makes any construction project challenging and their team needed to work to tight timeframes and alongside other activities on site during very busy times of the year.

Celtic were good to work with and worked very well with the other contractors on the shed extension. They definitely added value to the project and we were very pleased with the outcome."

Allen Toms, Managing Director, C Toms & Son