Kingsand Video
Repair work close up
Installing props
Construction of wave defence
Clocktower with exposed props

Kingsand Clock Tower

In February 2014, we undertook emergency repairs and works to stabilise the Maker with Rame Institute and Clock Tower at Kingsand which was in danger of collapse.

Following the success of that project, we were appointed by Cornwall Council to work alongside John Grimes Partnership to strengthen and heighten the adjacent sea wall. The sea wall provides a crucial storm defence, not only for the clock tower and institute building but also as protection for the road and houses of the village behind it.

This contract evolved into three construction phases.

Phase One

Emergency repairs to stabilise sea damage to the building working in extreme conditions.

Following the Valentine's Day storm further successful stabilisation was required to save the iconic clock tower from collapsing. Repairs were effected by using sprayed 'Gunite' concrete as suitable reinforcement.

Phase Two

We were appointed by Cornwall Council to construct a new sea wall especially shaped to deflect storm waves and being 1.2 metres higher than the previous one.

Due to the limited levels of access to the Kingsand foreshore, it was again decided to use sprayed concrete construction.

During this phase, our stonemasons faced the concrete sea walls with stone to match the existing clock tower.

Forty tonnes of Plymouth limestone was used together with fifteen tonnes of Rhyolite that had been salvaged from the beach after the storms.

Phase Three

For the final phase of this project, we were appointed by the Trustees to conduct the internal and external refurbishment of the Clock Tower and Institute building.

We are proud of the collaboration and good relations that we achieved in this project and our role in achieving a good sea defence for Kingsand.


"Celtic are a well established local firm who have the capability to deliver marine and civil engineering works.

They act with due diligence and a desire to serve their clients well and my firm valued the relationship we developed on this project.

They are easy to work with and used to working with engineers and architects so they can relate to the professional requirements and understand what is required. This allows them to respond positively and bring something to the table."

John Grimes, Director, John Grimes Partnership